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What's My ECES Status?

If you are one of the ECES students who has tried tracking his/her progress towards the ECES minor on the UF's Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) to no avail, here is both an explanation and a solution for you.

The ECES minor uses a high number of special topics courses (ie, EUS 3930 or EUS 4930), which can and do change in content every semester and their content is not always European Union–related. As a result, the ISIS tracking system cannot provide accurate information on your progress towards the ECES degree.

ECES Checklist

The best way to determine your ECES status is by completing the ECES Checklist Form. Please list all of the pertinent courses that you have completed and/or are in the process of completing. Bring a copy of the completed checklist, your transcript, and your questions to 3324 Turlington Hall - we will be happy to help you. If you are unable to visit us in person, send Jim Robbins an email that includes your checklist and questions.

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