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Getting to Know Europe

Getting to Know Europe is a series of cultural and academic events that invites both the academic and the larger Gainesville community to learn, experience, and enjoy things European.

It is a great honor for Center for European Studies (CES) to win the support of the Delegation of the European Union to the United States to create this series of events that opens in March 2013 and closes in May 2014. Thanks to this support and the assistance of local organizations and institutions, we can step out from our academic circles and open a multifaceted conversation about Europe, its peoples, accomplishments, and international role with the local community, here in Gainesville. This program allows us to merge academics with arts, formal lectures with friendly conversations, and meet between local audiences and European artists to embark on a common creative process.

We invite everyone between ages 0-99 to join us at the various performances, concerts, exhibitions, public lectures, film screenings, and more to get to know Europe. We hope that this will be an intellectually fulfilling, interesting, and entertaining experience to all!